60 days ago

Have you changed your commuting habits?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

Driver shortages, power outages and timetable changes are affecting Wellington's public transport, while the roads are increasingly congested and slowed by roadworks. How are you dealing with commuter frustrations? Have you changed your commuting habits in the past year? (Please mark comments not for print NFP)

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16 hours ago

What's On: Waikanae Spring Market Labour Saturday

Sue from Waikanae

Celebrate Spring and the official opening of our beautifully redesigned Mahara Place - over 90 stalls and music, and a prize draw at noon for a trip to Kapiti Island!
Waikanae Spring Market Labour Saturday
  • Waikanae Spring Market and Mahara Place Opening
4 hours ago

Newtown green grocer.

Happy from Kilbirnie


✅Avocado 99¢/each
✅Telegraph Cucumber 99¢/each
✅Capsicums all colour 2 for $3
✅Cauliflower $2.99/each
✅Potato Agria 99¢/kg
✅Onion brown 99¢/kg
✅Free range eggs $10/tray (30 eggs)
✅Courgettes $3.99/kg

Many more specials in-store!

Specials are on now and ending on Sunday(20/10/19)

1 day ago

Tremendous work by WCC

Chris from Hataitai

Here's a neat bit of work by WCC, in Para St Miramar. Residents wanted the big tree in the foreground of the first photo cut down as it obscured their vision when reversing out of their driveway. I was against removing a mature tree which is one of a long line. Solution: move the footpath away from the tree!

The second photo shows the view from other end of the works. The new kerbline simply extends the previous build-out at the zebra crossing, improving visibility and safety for everyone . One car park lost, one tree saved!