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3 hours ago

Become a Dementia Friend

Alzheimers NZ

Almost every Kiwi whānau is affected by dementia at some point. Maybe a family member or one of your friends or workmates has dementia?

September 21 is World Alzheimers Day – a day we can all take a moment to help people with dementia. Over 17 million people have joined Dementia Friends worldwide. So why not you?

Learn how you can help in simple and small ways. Wear a badge. Take time to listen. Pop over for a cuppa. It only takes 20 minutes online.

Show your support and help people with dementia to live well too. Join Dementia Friends today.
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8 hours ago

Sorry everyone we unexpectedly are closed for the week!

Aaron Graham from Hataitai Family Barbers

It's been a very bad week! Basho was signed off work indefinitely due to carpal tunnel then Jacob injured himself today and is also signed off work. So unfortunately we have no staff and will be closed this week. Sorry for any inconvenience. We will be trying to hire new staff in and Jacob will be back as soon as he is better. If you know a Barber or hairdresser looking for work please send them our way. We could really use some good news!😭😭

21 days ago

Council Phone Parking App

Paul from Hataitai

Wellington Council has ditched the local Phone2Park app in favour of something that has more "features".
Has anyone used the new PayMyPark app?
My experience is that it all more difficult to use, doesn't allow start/stop of parking, and the new features appearing to be features on how to increase revenue for the council.
I'm interested to hear other people's experiences.