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Poll: Is bilingual signage a worthwhile investment?

The team Reporter from Dominion Post

Hi neighbours - Porirua City's new bilingual signs have cost nearly $30,000 in consultant and designer's fees.

Featuring Te Reo Māori and English, the signs cost $27,360 to design, which included work by cultural advisors and bilingual experts.

Wendy Walker, Porirua City Council Chief Executive, says that "by bringing Māori language into our everyday lives, we help those less familiar with it gain confidence, as well as recognising those who already speak Te Reo."

What do you think about this? Do you think the bilingual signage is a worthwhile investment? Read more here

Is bilingual signage a worthwhile investment?
  • 43.4% I think it's a great investment - It's important to preserve Te Reo
    43.4% Complete
  • 37.1% I think it's a waste of money
    37.1% Complete
  • 12.2% I think there are more interactive ways Te Reo could be practiced
    12.2% Complete
  • 7.4% I'm neither for or against it
    7.4% Complete
897 votes
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5 days ago

What would you like to see happen in Wellington over the next ten years?

Ruby Macandrew Reporter from Dominion Post

Hey Wellington neighbours! When polled, the majority of you (39 per cent) told us you thought the city had regressed in the past decade. We're keen to know why and what you would like to see happen to get Wellington back on track. Let us know in the comments below. (Please mark comments not for print with 'NFP')

45 minutes ago

Measles warning for Hutt Valley train and number 3 bus passengers

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

Regional Public Health is urging passengers on two public transport services to be aware of symptoms after an infected school student used the services. On Monday, unimmunised students and teachers at Wellington High School were told to stay at home after a student was diagnosed with measles.
And now passengers who rode the 8.02am train service from Waterloo to Wellington, and the number 3 bus from Wellington Train Station to Wellington High School on Monday, September 16, are being asked to be aware of symptoms, because the same student used those services.

1 hour ago

Has Wellington still got the WOW?

Sharron Pardoe Reporter from Dominion Post

Do you love the World of WearableArt and can't bear to miss a single year? If so we'd love to hear from you. Each year 60,000 people visit this design spectacular and we are looking for WOW's biggest fan. If you think this is you email tommy.livingston@stuff.co.nz