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Lorna Harvey from Age Concern Wellington

Which radio station do you listen to? πŸ“» It will help us reach more people if you can tell us where you might hear our messages 😊
THANK YOU to everyone who answered our question! Please find the summary of your replies at the bottom of the comments.

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8 days ago

Show neighbours your photography snaps of Wellington!

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Kia ora Wellington, it's time to dust off that old camera, get out and about and show the rest of your neighbours your favourite, treasured spots in your region. It could be an awesome view, the shy wildlife or even the old buildings that are wanting their stories to be told.

Go ahead, get snapping and illustrate what's beyond your backyard.

Post your photographs in the comments below ⬇

1 day ago

Poll: Should Courtenay Place be pedestrianised?

The Team Reporter from Dominion Post

A Wellington bar owner has launched a petition calling for all vehicles to be banned from Courtenay Place - and the majority of the Wellington City Council appears to be on board.

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Should Courtenay Place be pedestrianised?

Should Courtenay Place be pedestrianised?
  • 53.7% Yes
    53.7% Complete
  • 46.3% No
    46.3% Complete
244 votes
6 hours ago

llegal street racing!

Roozbeh from Thorndon

After midnight, dozens of car "enthusiasts" met in the parking lot under the motorway bridge behind Parliament. There were street races like in a movie. It was very noisy and dangerous. Although the parking lot (Bowen Street) is right behind the Parliament, Ministery of Defense and Treasury, no police came. After about half an hour, they raced down the streets. Did anyone else hear or see it?