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Having a house sitter helps prevent burglaries while you travel

Teri from Homesit Wellington

With domestic burglaries up in recent years around NZ, having a responsible live-in house sitter while you're away is a strong deterrent to burglars, who are expert at spotting empty houses as they case the neighbourhood streets.

Contact us at www.homesit.co.nz... if you're looking for peace of mind while you're away this Easter or over months ahead - our sitters are pre-checked and interviewed and all have pet-care experience, multiple references and police clearances.

With a sitter living-in, mail is collected, lights are on at night and curtains opened/closed - life's seen to be going on as normal at your place while you need to be away - no giveaway signs that people are absent and your home's an easy target.

New clients - take advantage of our special one-day-off offer for your first booking (over one week's duration) in Wellington - contact teri@homesit.co.nz to discuss.


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13 hours ago

A big thank you

Caroline from Karori

A big shout out to Dorothy Nolan Payne for rescuing my keys from Mt Kaukau and showing what being a good neighbour is all about.

Thanks again

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Poll: Should there be stricter testing on sunscreens?

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Almost half of NZ sunscreens reportedly fail to live up to their most basic claims - to protect us from the sun. Some sunscreens brands haven’t even tested their product on people which may mean people are misled about the actual protect a sunscreen provides. Do you think New Zealand should have mandatory standards for sunscreen? Read the full Stuff story here.

Should there be stricter testing on sunscreens?
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  • 0% No, I am happy with how it is.
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  • 0% I have found a brand I trust, so this doesn't affect me.
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Gardens Magic 23-29 Jan

Social Media Specialist from Wellington City Council

It's Week Three Gardens Magic 2018 - the last week! Check out the schedule - you can listen to performances from Hobnail, ONONO, Raw Collective & more. Don't miss the final night of #GardensMagic18 - it's going to be a DRAGztravaganza of peace, love, sparkles and wigs presented by Polly Filla! More info