26 days ago

Thief/burglar sniffing around

Diana from Aro Valley

Last Sunday around 5:17am morning thief/burglar was sniffing around Aro Valley, I believe he was checking 2/4/6/8 Durham street houses, please be careful, check your winodws and doors. Photos and video attached. youtu.be... In this video he is checking our locker and then going to behind our house where no exit then return to pathway and going to another house to check.

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3 days ago

Kindness of strangers. !!

Ian from Kingston

To those that stopped to assist an elderly man who collapsed in Haitaiti...You are my hero's......I stopped because I have some medical training { must say I would stop anyway]} But 4-5 others where first ! I was amazed that 3 people had done first aid training and felt comfortable if it came to cpr, 2 had first aid kits We where joined by a Dr and her cab driver, nieghbours had contacted the mans wife and all but the man with a new born stayed till the ambulance arrived[ once all controlled]
I guess for me, in this time and place it feels good to be a citizen of Wellington and NZ. To see such compassion and caring Lights up The soul.

4 hours ago

It's never too late...

Jane Fisher from Newtown Toastmasters

It's nearly April, but it's not too late to act on your New Year's resolution to build your communication or leadership abilities!

Joining us at Newtown Community Centre this Wednesday (27 March)
from 7.30 - 9.30 could be your first step on the road to greater confidence - with support from a dynamic and diverse group of people.

Pop it in your calendar now - look forward to meeting you :)


16 hours ago

Berhampore Village upgrade project

Merio Marsters from Berhampore Centennial Community Centre

If you live in or have an interest in Berhampore, we'd like to hear your ideas for how we can improve Berhampore village.
The community has been saying for some time that Berhampore village is a special area and needs an upgrade. This also came through in feedback we received last year as part of engaging on Newtown Connections.
Developing a safe cycling network, including a direct route between the south coast and central city through Berhampore shopping area, creates an opportunity to make a village upgrade happen sooner.
We want to get people thinking and talking about what kind of place they'd like Berhampore Village to be.
We're starting by finding out what you value most about the area, waht works and what doesn't, and the kinds of changes that could be made to improve the look and feel of the village.



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