37 days ago

Puppy required....

Carlin from Johnsonville

My wife and I would love to invite a dog into our home of her and I and two cats. We don't have a very large section so looking for something small to medium sized. We do want a puppy as the cats are the current owners of the house but are dog friendly - ish - so want a puppy to learn from the beginning that the cats think they are in charge. Breed or mongrel is not important. We have looked online for puppies but people are asking 1200 for a mongrel and this is ridiculous! I don't mind paying a little money to cover costs but I'm hoping someone has a box of puppies that need good homes. Let me know ......

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20 hours ago

Johnsonville Mall Development?

Diane from Khandallah

Johnsonville Mall development has been planned for years but nothing has happened except continuous revision of plans. Apparently the owners are now considering a more intensive & mixed development which would be great if it happened. Check out the link below to my views on potential options. wellington.scoop.co.nz...

21 hours ago

Kārearea/New Zealand falcon soaring in Wellington

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Hi Neighbourly folk, have you spotted a kārearea lately? It is one of New Zealand's rarest birds but it is doing well in Wellington City.
If you have seen one, we would like to know where it was.

3 days ago

Poll: Should we get paid leave on our birthday

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

As the Government moves to double employees' sick leave entitlements, a man is calling for a law change to go even further – and allow workers to take a paid day off on their birthday.
When Clifford Hallett blows out the candles on his cake in a couple of weeks, he'll likely wish for an extra leave day to celebrate.
Hallett has launched a petition to Parliament requesting it pass legislation to give all employees that right.

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Should we get paid leave on our birthday
  • 27.5% Yes
    27.5% Complete
  • 69.2% No
    69.2% Complete
  • 3.3% Not Sure
    3.3% Complete
811 votes