446 days ago

Getting to know the Owners

Charmaine Rees from Prosper By Design Ltd

Six months after starting our online business, mum and I were in Thailand, staying at the home of the business visionaries and founders.

Getting to know them on a personal basis was one of the most awesome experiences. Down to earth, humorous and relaxed people.

Great conversation, meaningful discussions and one on one help to propel our business to the next level.

Quite incredible!!

Talk about a fundamental shift in thinking, belief and life experience!!!

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4 days ago

Who needs a plant doctor?

Mikaela Wilkes Reporter from Homed

UPDATE: Thank you for all your questions. We're picking the best to send off to the houseplant doctor from Kings Plant Barn and the answers will be published in an article on Homed soon.

Are your houseplants looking worse for wear? The experts at Kings Plant Barn would love to help. Send us your houseplant questions and problems to homed@stuff.co.nz, or leave them in the comments, for the houseplant doctor to diagnose. Pictures are encouraged.

3 hours ago

Market closure a big financial hit

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Market gardener Tommy Young is down up to $7000 after the Wellington City Council told fruit and vegetable sellers they could not trade at the Sunday Harbourside Market due to COVID-19 restrictions.
While people could buy hot chips in beef tallow at Wellington’s Harbourside Market on Sunday, lettuce and other vegetables were out of the question.
At Ohau, south of Levin, market gardener Tommy Young received the cancellation call about 9.30pm. His truck was already loaded and ready for the early morning drive to Wellington to sell his wares at the popular market.

1 hour ago

Free Ambulance mourning the death of Shirley Martin

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Wellington Free Ambulance has acknowledged the death of Shirley Martin.

"It is with great sadness that we acknowledge the passing of Shirley Martin, former Patron of Wellington Free Ambulance. From her devotion to fundraising as part of the Ladies Auxiliary since 1955, standing on the streets of Wellington rattling a box for the free ambulance, and all the years she cheered us on as our Patron, Shirley has been a fundraising force for us for over six decades. Working hard on getting the whole community behind keeping the ‘free’ in Wellington Free Ambulance, Shirley’s enthusiasm never wavered. Shirley passed away on Wednesday 24 February 2021 and her involvement with Wellington Free Ambulance and shaping who we are today will forever be remembered."