89 days ago

Loki the 3 legged burmese cat is still missing

Caroline from Berhampore

Hi neighbours

Loki is still missing after a week. Last time he disappeared three years ago he came back after 3.5 weeks having lost half his body weight, with a broken jaw, covered in abscesses, and dragging a dead leg. The leg was subsequently amputated. Loki is a stoic little chap who tends to sit and wait things out if he is stuck somewhere. He is not a noisy burmese and is unlikely to call out or make a lot of noise.

If cats are hurt or traumatised they shut down and hide, they are more likely to attempt to move around at night so shining torches into undergrowth or bushes, or into crawl spaces under sheds or decks might mean you can see his eyes reflect.

If he has been hit by a car or injured again and wasn't killed he would have a very limited ability to get himself home again given he is down to three legs. My worry is that he is immobilised and fading away somewhere. If he is shut into somewhere he would sit and wait to be let out.

He could also be stuck - on a roof, in a drain, down a hole or in a pipe. He is very curious. And despite having three legs he climbs trees and gets on roofs!

I have increased the cash reward to $1500 for finding him alive. Even if you have already looked - I'd be so grateful if you can look again.

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2 hours ago

Community Strength & Balance Exercise Classes

Sport Wellington

Stay active and strong with older adult strength and balance classes.

The Community Strength & Balance page on the Sport Wellington website has information about a variety of online and in-person classes which are run by local instructors and designed to help you improve your strength and balance.

Classes are part of the Live Stronger for Longer movement which aims to help people remain healthy, active and independent as they age and include Tai Chi, Pilates, seated exercise and more.

They are available for anyone to try so give one a go today!
Find out more

11 hours ago

Proposed Brooklyn Road pop up bike lane - Online discussions Tuesday 26/05/2020

Carl from Brooklyn Residents Association Incorporated


We invite you to view and take part in the Greater Brooklyn Residents Association Inc facilitated discussions in conjunction with Wellington City Council online about the proposed bike lane on Brooklyn Road.

Please find attached the GBRAI submission made to WCC.

Details to "dial in" for the Zoom meeting on tomorrow evening (Tuesday 26/05/2020) below:

Virtual public meeting over Zoom:

Tuesday 26th May at 7.30pm – Discussion with WCC regarding the Brooklyn Road Cycle Lane Pop Up Proposal.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 873 8499 9258
Password: 692631

Greater Brooklyn Residents Association Inc.

GBRAI submission to TR99-20 May 2020.pdf Download View

16 hours ago

Sludge trucking ends as first stage of Mt Albert repair successfully completed

The Team from Wellington Water

We are excited to announce that the first liner in the Mt Albert sludge pipes has been successfully tested and is now operational – which means we’ve been able to take bring the sludge trucks operation to an end.
There will be the odd truck passing through over the coming week or so as the sludge tanks at Moa Point are cleared, but the 24/7 operation is over.
We want to thank the impacted residents for your patience and resilience in putting up with the trucks traveling past your houses every day through what has been an extraordinary time – possibly made more trying by the restrictions of Covid-19 and the fact everyone was at home more than usual.

We also want to acknowledge the efforts of the truck drivers who have worked tirelessly to keep sludge out of Cook Strait. And we’d like to thank the council and community leaders who have ensured community interests were kept foremost throughout a particularly difficult time for the city.

The second Mt Albert pipe lining operation is under way. Once complete, in three weeks or so, this will restore full redundancy in the event of failure. If there’s an emergency before then, we may need to re-start the trucking operation. However, lining the full length of this critical Mt Albert section of the sludge pipe minimises the risk of the pipe failing again until a longer term solution for sludge management is developed.