42 days ago

Poll: Do you support having daylight saving?

Caryn Wilkinson Reporter from Community News

Hi Auckland neighbours,

Daylight saving ends on April 4 when Kiwi clocks go back one hour.

As we fall back into fall, some Aucklanders welcome the change while others hold strong objections.

Your feedback is welcome.

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Do you support having daylight saving?
  • 65% Yes
    65% Complete
  • 26.6% No
    26.6% Complete
  • 8.4% Neutral
    8.4% Complete
1698 votes
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1 day ago

How to recycle broken glass

The Team from Auckland Council

Learn what to do when recycling broken glass. Large chunks are ok, as long as they are from grocery packaging. Always remember when recycling if in doubt, leave it out.


20 hours ago

Stuffed roading

John from Warkworth

What is it about Auckland Transport that allows it to ignore the astoundingly poor state of our local roads. While taxing us millions with targeted (is that a joke?) fuel taxes, the roads in our district are collapsing and temporary "reduced speed / works" signs and reduced speed limits are now permanent features on roadways used by thousands of people daily. Even when locals flag the bizarrely poor state of these roads, At response is to invest in prosecution of the person flagging the poor roads rather than acknowledge the problems ....repairs that do occur seem to be cheap and short term (4 rebuilds on one local road in 3 years) and the PR team this inept organisation seem to take pride in blaming the public for the terrible outcomes when work is performed....ignoring the fact that they are responsible for those outcomes. It is unacceptable that the Mayor of this not so super-city isn't doing more to drive quality delivery out of this organisation....it feels bloated, seeming only expert at reducing traffic flow efficiency and completely disconnected from the public that OWN IT. Time for AT to be re-amalgamated into Auckland Council where at least some accountability for performance can be imposed by ratepayers during elections.

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Artist wanted to join 2021 Mahurangi Artist 's StudioTrail

Talia from Puhoi

Join us in this year’s Mahurangi Artist Studio Trail (MAST)
Labour weekend and the following

Now in its 3rd year – We want more Artist to take part and open their studios to the public for this annual event.

Join the 30+ Artists now! www.mahurangiartistnetwork.com... or email us on mahurangiartistnetwork@gmail.com

From the Dome Valley, to Puhoi, to Omaha, and Leigh open your doors to show off your great creative talents from 23rd to the 31st of October 2021 as part of this year’s Mahurangi Artist’s Studio Trail.

The event invites Artists to open their studios, homes or collective spaces to visitors over one or two weekends in October. The studios form an art trail, which visitors follow with a downloadable map. This is an annual event and a great opportunity for Artist to meet the public directly and explain your practice.

Get in touch and join the Mahurangi Artist Network and get to know more Artists in your local area!