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Missing Cat, Lake Road/Marama Street, Frankton

NZCAR Support from New Zealand Companion Animal Register

Our beautiful cat disappeared on Friday 15th May. Mollie was a foster cat from the SPCA and is very timid. She is black with a very small spot of white on her chest with bright yellow eyes. She is a small framed cat and approximately 2 years old.
Pet name: MOLLIE
Gender: Female
Age: Approximately 2 years old

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4 days ago

Favourite discoveries on NZ travels

Lorna Thornber Reporter from Stuff Travel

Hi everyone,
We'd be keen to hear about your discoveries on your recent travels around New Zealand. Were there any small towns, activities or attractions that surprised you, for better or for worse? Did you come across any lesser-know spots you think more Kiwis should check out? Which small towns do you think deserve more visitors than they get? Please remember your comment may be included in an article unless you state that you don't want it to be. Cheers.

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Karen Hughes from Training For You

Can you help us? Our on-campus student training café is re-opening on 24th August, and it needs a name!
Submit your café name ideas in the comments section below.
Or make a vote - just ‘Like’ any of the names you see.
Competition open to all, until 12am Sunday 9th August.
We will select a winning cafe name on 10th August.
Winner receives a Prezzy Card loaded to the value of $50!

#BeInToWin #NameOurCafe #CoolestLittleCampus #TrainingForYou #Whanganui #LittleCityWithSoul #OurWhanganui

10 days ago

How many of us are having their ANNUAL rubbish collection cost rising from less than $20 to more than $200?

Vernon Neighbourly Lead from Whanganui

Living in Westmere I customarily have one rubbish bag collected every two months. Now that Waste Management have decided that they want us to use wheelie bins, I see that my only option for household rubbish collection is a wheelie bin emptied every week at a cost of $4.60...which is $235 annually.
There has been some wittering in the Chronicle and on the Waste management web site :


about a range of options...
"Flexibility with no commitments.
Pause your scheduled collection.
Receive notifications.
View bin collections anytime"

but as one follows the web site requirement one has to provide personal details and pay cash up front. What about the "Flexibility with no commitments" promise? Further, no information at all about any of the opportunities for the "flexible or paused collections."
THEN, what about those already paid for rubbish stickers we have? No mention of getting any service for those after this December nor any refund.
Not good enough and I expect to see an increase in the dumping of household rubbish around the streets and reserves.

UPDATED 27 July 2020 1410.
It is very difficult to get any information from Waste Management (WM) about these problems. Telephone calls to their Wanganui branch are not helpful as I was just transferred to their Head Office.
It seems that I need to open an online account with WM and nominate the size of wheelie bin required. The smallest has a $4.60 collection fee and my account level must always be in credit to the value of $10 .
So to open an account with WM, it will cost me $10 for the minimum account level plus $9.20 ( for two $4.60 collections). Were I to pay just for one collection then as soon as It happened, I would have to make another payment as my minimum account level would have been reached.
I am told that my account will have a calendar option with a collection date booked for every week and to avoid collections taking place (and debits being made from my account, even if there is no bin to empty) I MUST edit the calendar to delete the collection dates I do not require.
As for the provision of a wheelie bin, I was told that once my account was created with a $10 minimum and the stickered rubbish bag collections were ending, a wheelie bin would be delivered to my address.

I see that this online internet based system is going to cause problems for those Wanganui residents who do not have / use an internet connection.

As for the refund of unused rubbish bag stickers, WM do not want to know about it and told me to raise the matter of credit for unused stickers with the supermarket I bought the stickers from. As Countdown was the seller, I spoke with them and I am awaiting news of what their actions will be.