450 days ago

COVID-19 Alert

The Team from New Zealand Police

Further to the Prime Minister's update today, here is a simple table that explains the alert levels.

Go www.covid19.govt.nz... for official information and updates.

You can view a hi-res version here - Here you go: covid19.govt.nz...

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4 hours ago

RMHC® New Zealand Annual Appeal

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Help us house families with hospitalised children. Join the fight to fund a night. Find out more

3 days ago

What we don't want to see on The Block NZ

Colleen Hawkes Reporter from Homed

The Block NZ is back on our screens on Monday, but let's hope there are no more silly decor challenges and over-the-top reserves.

1 day ago

An appallingy bad decision for a film to be made on the effects of the Christchurch Shooting.

Vernon Neighbourly Lead from Whanganui

The Muslim community did not want the "commemoration" in 2020 of that event to occur as it was not their way, yet that happened.
Again it happened in a smaller way this year.
Now there is an intention to make a film about the effects , which again the Muslim Community have clearly said they do not want to happen.
Here is a link and your opportunity to sign a petition showing your support for the Muslim Community in defeating the intentions of those who would profit from making such a film.