24 days ago

Why doesn't Jacinda close our borders because of the coronavirus? Donald Trump has.

Vernon Neighbourly Lead from Whanganui

As at about (1/02/2020) 1100 NZ time today, Trump has exercised powers, taking effect 0500 2 February American time, to
1...Stop all non Americans who have been in China in the last 14 days from entering America.
2...Americans who have in the last 14 days been in the province where the virus started will undergo a process and be placed in quarantine for 14 days
3...Americans who have in the last 14 days been in China, will undergo a process and then have to undergo voluntary quarantine for 14 Days.

If Trump can provide this level of protection for American citizens, why doesn't our Government provide the similar protection for us?

The only actions i am aware of them taking to protect us is to paste up small notices about the virus at the airports and produce the pieces of paper to be passed out to incoming tourists asking them to "ring this number if you feel unwell.

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