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How long should we have to wait for a meeting with our MP?

Vernon Neighbourly Lead from Whanganui

On 2 October I made an appointment to meet with my MP to discuss pending legislation which concerned me. I was asked formy reason and then 28 October was the earliest time available
On 22 October the MP's's office telephoned me and cancelled the appointment. No explanation for the cancellation was offered, they seemed surprised when I asked for another appointment and after some humming I now have 18 November.

So 2 October to 18 November......6 weeks and 5 days

My MP is a first term MP with no ministerial duties and I wonder if the delays are deliberate so as to delay a meeting until it becomes pointless as the legislation will have been debated and passed.

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1 day ago

Hawera Golf Club

Marilyn from South Taranaki District

Hawera Golf Club
Open Day
15th December, 2019
Tee Off
10 am - 12 noon
Spot prizes
All Welcome

Malone Golf will be in attendance with merchandise etc

Why not come and have a game