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Name a book

NumberWorks'nWords Richmond

What book sticks in your mind?

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Poll: When do you do your Christmas shopping?

Carly Gooch Reporter from The Nelson Mail

It's less than three weeks until Santa shimmies down the chimney and while some of you may have started your Christmas shopping months ago, others wait till Christmas Eve. When do you do your shopping, or do you even have to shop at all? Maybe you have another arrangement with your family like pulling a name out of a hat or having a list to choose from. Vote below and tell us your Christmas shopping story in the Reply.

When do you do your Christmas shopping?
  • 0% I shop throughout the year when I see something.
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  • 0% I shop before December to avoid the busy shopping time.
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  • 0% I leave the shopping until December.
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  • 0% I don't buy presents - my family do other things.
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Safe Sleep Day

Stephanie Gray from Nelson Marlborough Health

Always use a capusle or car seat to transport your baby but always take them out of the child restraint when you arrive.
6 December is Safe Sleep Day