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Kia ora Kāpiti – it’s very wet out there.

The Team from Kāpiti Coast District Council

*********UPDATE 7.05pm, 6 December*********

People are asked to stay safe and dry at home and not to venture out to look at the flooding. It’s dangerous and we need to keep the roads clear for emergency vehicles.

Our pipe networks are having to cope with a massive amount of extra water and may be struggling to cope, so remember to treat all floodwaters as potentially contaminated.

********* Update 5.50pm, 6 December*********

- Waterfall Road/Emerald Glen will remain closed overnight due to flooding and road surface scouring.
- Rimu Road will remain closed until the Wharemaku Stream drops.
- Kebbel Drive is open – Aston road cleared.
- Nikau Palm – Mobile Traffic lights will be in place overnight, down to one lane.
- Maungakotukutuku Road is open again but down to one lane, there are multiple small slips so please drive safely.

*********Update 5pm, 6 December*********

It has been a full-on day here in Kāpiti.
A huge amount of rain has fallen which caused streams and rivers to rise dramatically. We’ve had several pockets of localised flooding and a few landslides.

We’re preparing in case people need assistance overnight.
Our crews have been on the ground all day clearing drains and slips and checking in with our people.

As the rain continues to fall, please stay home if you can. Stay away from waterways; the heavy rain undermines riverbanks, and they can collapse without warning.

We’re on duty overnight. We’ll be keeping an eye on the district’s roads and infrastructure and we’re here to assist our community if needed.

You can pick up sandbags from outside the Council depot on Fytfield Place, Paraparaumu.

Phone 111 if a life is in danger. For other problems, phone Council on 0800 486 486.

*********Update 3.30pm, 6 December*********

Please be careful around waterways, the rivers are very full and fast-moving today, please keep a safe distance from the water's edge.
If you have any serious rain issues please call us or log a service request on our website 0800 486 486
or log it on Antenno www.kapiticoast.govt.nz...

**********Update: 1.00pm , 6 December*********

-Nikau Palm Road – Stop/ Go on site, road is currently open but down to one lane.
-Paekakariki Hill open – minor detritus
-Akatarawa Hill open – minor detritus, small slips.
-Mangaone South/Riekorangi open

*********Update: 11.20, 6 December*********

Te Kupe Rd in Paraparaumu is closed, please use an alternative.
The intersection of Waterfall and Emerald Glen roads is closed ********************************************************************************************************************
Here’s the situation as at 10am today:

- Motorists are asked to please drive with care and if possible stay at home
- Streams and rivers across the district are high and rising – for safety, people are asked to please stay away from river walkways
- We’re closely monitoring the weather situation and crews are out checking usual hotspots
- There is a diversion in place at Rimu Rd in Paraparaumu due to flooding
- We have received reports of some slipping on rural roads and Maungakotukutuku Rd is closed due to slipping
- There are multiple sites of road surface flooding and the potential for more serious flooding if rain persists at the current rate
- High tide is just before midday and may cause further issues
- There will be delays to the bus network
- Farmers keep an eye on low-lying paddocks and move stock as required

Please report serious rain-related issues on 0800 486 486
or log it on Antenno www.kapiticoast.govt.nz...

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What do you think?


Did you know over a quarter of us who now call Aotearoa New Zealand home were born overseas? We have one of the highest populations of people born outside NZ in the OECD and collectively we speak more than 160 different languages.

We want to understand what you think about Aotearoa New Zealand’s increasing multicultural society and the benefits and challenges that it brings and to say thanks for completing the survey, you can go in the draw to win a share of prizes. T&Cs apply.
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What you need to know about masks

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Are you wearing a mask when you leave home?
With so many on the market, it can be confusing as to what is the best bet. Click on Read More to find out more about masks.
Here are some tips on how to get the best use of a mask.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a mask that fits well won’t have any gaps and will prevent air from flowing from the area near your eyes or from the sides of the mask.
“If the mask has a good fit, you will feel warm air come through the front of the mask and may be able to see the mask material move in and out with each breath.”
People with beards can use a mask fitter or brace to help the mask fit tightly over their face.
When wearing a disposable mask, the coloured side – usually blue – goes on the outside, and the edge with a piece of wire, or something similar, in it goes over your nose. The coloured side is water-resistant, while the white side is more absorbent and will suck up droplets and aerosols produced by the wearer.

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instant karma

Ken from Waikanae

This morning around 10 I was dawdling up the pathway adjacent to the expressway with my friends 15 year old miniature schnauzer, when an incredible scene of instant karma unfolded. A group of three bicycle riders were coming down the pathway at a high speed they saw me and the dog and then one of the riders shouted something, I’m not quite sure what he said but the tone was very unpleasant.
He then hit the old dog (which went down with an ear piercing scream) and the impact caused him to then swerve. He went over the side of the path still at high speed and landed upside down amongst some nasty spiky stuff. Me and another rider had to assist him from his upside down position, his wife the third rider and who saw the incident did not stop or return to the scene. Once we had extracted him from the bushes he became verbally aggressive, just hurling obscenities at me and making disgusting hand gestures that I have not seen since the primary school playground around 60 years ago.
His riding buddy I think called him Rick. Rick is a very big middle age guy said he weighed 200kg as we were trying to rescue him. His friend apologised for him and simply said “That’s the way Rick is”
All three of them showed zero interest in the dogs welfare which is quite sad.
There are signs requesting riders to slow down use a bell and share the pathway and thankfully the vast majority do.
Rick, you ran over a slow moving old dog at high speed on a shared pathway, you saw me and that dog from a long way off.