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We Say/You Say: trans-Tasman bubble

Thomas Campbell Reporter from Kāpiti Observer

Hi Kāpiti!

After more than a year of closed borders, Australians and New Zealanders will soon be able to jet-hop between countries after the government announced that the trans-Tasman travel bubble is to be operational from April 19.

With quarantine-free travel now possible, are you more likely to head across the Tasman or travel domestically?

Fronting Australian media yesterday, Jacinda Ardern not only spoke of the excitement of families being able to be reunited, but also pitched New Zealand tourist activities to Australian viewers.

"If there is a hot spot in one of the states of Australia we may just act in the same way that another state would ... Just prepare that there may be disruptions, but what better place in the world to be stuck. Am I right?," she said.

The trans-Tasman bubble will operate on a three tier basis: Continue, Pause and Suspend. If there are a few cases in Australia linked to the border, quarantine-free travel will continue. Travel may be paused for 72 hours if there are rogue community cases and in the instance of a state or nationwide lockdown, travel will be suspended.

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1 hour ago

Oven cleaning

Barbara from Paraparaumu Beach

I’m looking for an experienced oven cleaner. Has anyone had occasion to use a professional in this area of expertise. Very keen to hear responses. With thanks .

3 days ago

SPCA Pet of the Day: Meet Charlotte

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

"I was a stray mum with kittens before coming to the SPCA.
Here's what my foster mum has to say about me:

Charlotte is a sweet wee girl, gentle and friendly with kittenish spirit coming through from time to time. She was initially nervous in her new environment, but patience and gentle encouragement has seen her become playful and sociable.

She likes being patted but isn't too fussed on being picked up and held (although this is improving) and isn't a lap cat at the moment. She spends some of her time in other rooms around the house but mostly likes company and comes when called.

She is an early riser and when she wants something can be quite vocal. She loves playing with small toys and moving things and gets quite absorbed watching action programmes on tv. A warning though, she loves electrical cables. She is a well adapted and house trained cat, and surprisingly, given her underlying nervousness, isn't scared of the vacuum cleaner, however I don't think she will like a rowdy household."

2 days ago

Waikanae Recycling and Green Waste station - proposed closing

Bob from Waikanae Beach

Our KCDC is proposing to close Waikanae's recycling and green waste station within 3 months, from 1 August 2021.
The reason is: "Most users of this recycling station also have kerbside recycling services".
This explanation is literally rubbish! As the council knows well, 56% of retired people in Kapiti exist primarily on the pension, and many of them in Waikanae do NOT have kerbside recycling services because of their cost.
The station is well used by older Waikanae people because of its proximity to their residence. They currently do not have to drive far to recycle their paper, glass and plastic waste and but will have to do if and when the station closes.
Waikanae's council benefits are few and now KCDC is wanting to close the station.
If you want the Waikanae recycling and green waste station to remain open, make sure your local councillor and the council have your views, either directly or through the LTP feedback form (the deadline for which is tomorrow, Monday, at 5pm).