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Glenn from Paraparaumu

Gidday Neighbourly Friends...I have a wee gripe I feel the need to share.
I quoted for a gardening job and it was accepted, right up until the time for payment. If one agrees with the quote, please honour it because that job ended up costing me money because it was in Pauatahanui and I'm in Pram, and I had budgeted for the agreed amount.
If you wish to haggle I'm all for that, just not after the handshake and certainly not after the work has been completed.
I will not name them but please be very wary of accepting any jobs from the watery terrain property in Pauatahanui.
Gripe over...please everyone have a lovely weekend and keep warm & dry. 😊

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Whether it's you or a partner, snoring isn't just an annoying noise. It impacts the health of the snorer, as well as the sleep quality of those around them.

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A world full of opportunities

Queen Margaret College

Stepping into QMC Junior School marks the start of a learning adventure that equips students for their future. QMC is an IB World School, and proud to offer unparalleled excellence in research-based teaching, learning and wellbeing programmes.

Our Junior students learn new skills, develop confidence, aim for excellence, take risks, challenge and explore the world around them.

Every child enjoys access to a wide range of exhilarating cultural and sporting opportunities in a progressive, cosmopolitan, safe environment. We value diversity, and inclusivity – and are the school of choice for families from 54 countries worldwide.

Join us for Open Day, Years 4-6 to find out more and discover the difference a QM education will make to your child’s future.

Discover Years 4,5 and 6
Junior School Open Day
Wednesday 28 October
• 9am - 10.20am
• 5pm - 6.20pm

Places are limited. Book to avoid disappointment.
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What's On: Ohau School Ag Day

Nathan from Manakau

Fun for the whole family. Animal competitions, local produce stalls, fabulous food hot and home baking. Spaces available for non-food stalls for $20. Please contact school office on 06-368 7949.
Ohau School Ag Day
  • Ohau School,