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SuperSeniors Newsletter August 2020

The Team from Office for Seniors

Hi Neighbours!

Our August SuperSeniors Newsletter is out now, and it's filled with lots of handy information and opportunities for seniors.

This issue includes a story about the benefits of volunteering and how to get involved, as well as an update on the changes to NZ Super and Veteran's Pension.

Even if you aren't over 65 yourself, check it out and share it with the older people in your life.

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More messages from your neighbours
2 hours ago

Raumati Village Four Square Back With Listener

Alan from Raumati Beach

Historic moment in Raumati Four Square Store as Listener returns .Shirish Patel (r) of the Raumati 4 Square hands over the historic edition of the new Listener to Alan Tristram.

The ceremony came 6 months after the weekly was abruptly closed down by its German owners - bit.ly...

1 day ago

When a Coastlands Carpark isn't a Coastlands Carpark

Amanda from Paraparaumu

Hi, I was stung with a $65 parking ticket for packing in a 30 minute car park which can be found in the area opposite Countdown frontage. I have lived here 2 and half years and didn't realise that this small area is treated differently from the rest of the carparks. Why I have no idea, particularly as these parks are very near one of the main entrances. I returned to confirm that I was in the 'wrong', looking for signs. There is a sign about 2-3 stories high saying that some areas may have different limits, very dangerous when you are supposed to be watching the vehicle in front and then saw that there were two miniscule signs with 30 on them and they only apply to one row of parks.

Anyway for those of you new to the area, please be aware that the parks closest to Countdown have the least time available either 30 or 60 minutes, at busy times I doubt anyone would be able to do their grocery shopping in less that an hour particularly when queuing during COVID levels. Rest assured I will be writing to complain to the management of Coastlands, during these times they should be encouraging people to shop not stinging them with a huge fine for patronaging the stores!

6 days ago


Kris Neighbourly Lead from Waikanae Beach

Hi there,
I am doing knitting for NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and are hoping some lovely people out there have some wool they no longer have use for. Pure wool in 2,3,4,5 ply would be gratefully accepted.
Thank you!!