38 days ago

Did the Basin Reserve miss an opportunity to makes the loos more equal?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

An $7.5 million dollar renovation brought the 95-year-old Museum Stand at the Basin Reserve up to modern standards - except for the women's toilets. The stand reopened on Friday, an hour before the first test against India began. During the test the only part of the interior open to the public was the new toilets. Sadly, that means less access for women. Men's toilets have two access points from the outside while women queue in the corridor, missing the on-field action. What was your experience?

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17 hours ago

Non Essential Business trading

Russell from Paraparaumu

I was out and about after been in quarantined for 3 days I when to Countdown Paraparaumu to buy some essentials on the way their I saw a business in Kapiti Lights with their door open it looked like that they were open for business. I can guarantee that they weren't on the approved list, if people are about drive buy and if they are open take a picture and Dob them into the 105 Police hotline and maybe boycott that business in the future because they are put the rest of our community at RISK

19 minutes ago

Goodbye Listener

Annette from Waikanae

Very sad news. We have been subscribers of the Listener for over 20 years. The Listener plus a lot of the magazines we have grown up with will no longer be published.

2 hours ago

In 2053

Annette from Waikanae

In the year 2053