35 days ago

Poll: Are Kāpiti people Wellingtonians?

Virginia Fallon Reporter from Kāpiti Observer

A current debate whether Wellington is bigger than Christchurch has got us wondering what Kāpiti people think.
Do you consider yourself a Wellingtonian or firmly a Kāpiti Coaster?
Let us know and please mark your comment NFP if you don't want it used in print.

Are Kāpiti people Wellingtonians?
  • 13.7% I'm a Wellingtonian
    13.7% Complete
  • 63.2% I'm a Kāpiti Coaster
    63.2% Complete
  • 23.2% Both
    23.2% Complete
95 votes
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3 hours ago

Dentist in Paraparaumu

Russell from Paraparaumu

Can anyone recommend a nice, friendly, warm, fuzzy and patient dentist in Paraparaumu or Raumati?

I used to be at Smiles in Waikanae, but their nice, friendly, warm, fuzzy and patient dentist shipped off back to the UK. (Which I find somewhat ironic, given that all my dentists as a kid growing up in the UK were South Africans or Kiwis).

Ta muchly.

1 day ago

Try and watch the video without smiling...

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

The grey pavement, sky, and drizzling rain are no match for the fluorescent orange figure grooving to unheard music on the side of Wellington's Evans Bay Parade.
Follow the read more link to check out his moves.

12 hours ago

What's On: $12 Sound Massage

Annette from Paraparaumu

Lie down and let the vibrational sound of Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls massage every cell in your body - relaxing and energising you. Queries: Annette 021 2997456
$12 Sound Massage
  • Lotus Yoga Centre