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Heirloom Tomato Plants and Other Vegetables

Val from Otaki District

Once again, we will be bringing our range of heirloom vegetables to the Waikanae and Otaki markets this weekend. Look for our signboard along Park Road at Waikanae and in the grassed area at Otaki.
Our later tomato plantings, including Indigo Rose, Green Sausage, Black Krim, the Brandywines (Pink, Red and Yellow), Tumbling Tom, various cherries and low-acid varieties, are ready now. Strong healthy plants that will race away in current conditions. Now is an ideal time to plant outdoors for optimum results. $3.00 each.
Cucumbers include the hard-to-get New Zealand heirloom, Port Albert, and Poona Keena, an old variety from India, as well as Telegraph, Lebanese and Crystal Apple.
Limited quantities of Bonica Eggplant, a prolific early-producing variety.
We also have sweet capsicum, hot chillis, basil (sweet and Thai) and watermelon, plus zucchini and pumpkin.
For those who missed out earlier, we have new plantings of dwarf and climbing beans coming in the next couple of weeks. Succession planting will extend the harvesting season.
For more info and a list of all available varieties, please contact me at thepassingshow@xtra.co.nz

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Heirloom Tomato Plants and Other Vegetables

Val from Otaki District

My last post under this heading! Waikanae and Otaki weekend markets this weekend.
We have some limited late plantings of the following rarely available heirloom tomatoes - all suitable for late planting and some especially suited to produce into late autumn:
Amy's Sugar Gem - suitable for greenhouses
Kumato - intense flavour sensation
Monkey Ass - (use your imagination!) produces until first frost
Moonglow - excellent source of lycopene
Rumi Banjan - should produce until May at least
Tangella - disease resistant and high in lycopene
Coyote - sprawling wild Mexican tomato
Dancing with Smurfs - Small, ripens to deep purple-blue
Small Sweet Orange - very sweet, high in lycopene.
Other vegies include Zucchini, spring onion, herbs, Capsicum and eggplant. Flowering perennials: gazanias and lilies. Otaki Pinks and other dianthus coming soon.