47 days ago

Free old fashioned washing line .. but you need to take out. Very solid steel.

Jan from Paraparaumu Beach

Old school steel clothes line in great condition Call or text 021 119 2405


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The Team Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

A coronavirus has spread from China across Asia, and has now reached the US. It is yet to reach New Zealand.

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28 minutes ago

Open Today, Friday and Saturday

Waikanae Crab

Open Today
Fresh Local Fish Caught By Ourselves Yesterday -
Butterfly Perch
Sammys Smoked Kahawai will be coming out of the smoker at 10.30 am!!!
See you here

1 day ago

What's your preferred peanut butter?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

Premium and alternative nut butters - like Wellington's Fix and Fogg - have some of the highest sales growth at supermarkets nationwide. Have you made the switch to more artisan brands, or would you rather stay with the tried and true?