30 days ago

Computer repair needed

SueZ from Otaki District

I have a laptop that needs putting back together. It is called Everest.
The tiny screws that hold the bottom of the laptop together have fallen out, plus things are starting to move inside which also may need screwing back into place.
The laptop is still working just needs screwing back together.
The screws are so tiny so would need someone with the same type of screws or with screws that will fit.
As you can see in the photo the bottom is open she has found two screws there are some missing.
The laptop belongs to granddaughter she needs it for her school work.
There use to be someone in Otaki that fixed computers wondered if anyone knows who that is. Would be easier for me as I live in Otaki but if there is anyone further afield that could do the job would appreciate any recommendations.
Many thanks.

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1 hour ago


Bayne from Waikanae Beach

I put a notice on about rabbit infestation a couple of months ago, I have heard from both councils but no one will guarantee that anything will be done.....I have just taken this pic 5.46pm and you can see 2 young rabbits hopping along. What can be done?

8 hours ago

second hand toys for kids this Christmas

Carey from Otaihanga

Hi there, I have some awesome good quality second hand toys id like to give to families who are stuggling to buy presents for their children... does anyone have any ideas on the best place to drop off at? Im hesitant to use charity shops as Id rather no cost is involved. Was thinking Womens Refuge but not sure where they are here in Kapiti, Any ideas?

2 hours ago

Would you cross this bridge?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

A wind gust in this gully on the Remutaka Rail Trail once blew a train off its tracks. Now, DOC is building a 90m swing bridge across the gully at Siberia Stream. Would you walk across it?