1396 days ago

* P I N E C O N E S *

Coastal Landscape

Pinecones available now @ Coastal Landscape Supplies, 15 Omahi street, Waikanae. 30ltr onion sacks $8 each.

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21 minutes ago

Pregnant lady

Lieke from Waikanae

Hello everyone! I am on the look for a pregnant women for my nursing degree, I am doing a case study where we work alongside expecting mothers ( due around October) . The study is 100% confidential, 100% non invasive and 120% on your own terms!! Please don't hesitate to message me if you know anyone. Or are someone who is willing to help, donuts and hot chocolate provided at each visit 😋😉 thank you all!! Message me of you wish for more information,

1 day ago

To the boy racers going 80km on Winara ave

Justin from Waikanae

Sooner or later I will be ready to capture you on camera and will hand the footage to police who will be able to calculate your speed ( distance/time) and subsequently impound your cars. Thereby doing you a favour because if you ever kill a child your lives will be ruined beyond your comprehension so its up to you : keep racing in a residential street or prepare to start biking.
We already have the beginning of your licence plate you were too fast for the rest but we’ll get there.

To everyone else thanks for the likes and comments but lets not start a which hunt. We’ve all been caught going a bit too fast at times. My post is about excessive speed in a residential street near a school and about awareness that this is unacceptable behaviour. So please no more licence plates and or assumptions about looks and clothing. For all I know the “boy racer” could be a tattooed grandma …

3 days ago

(Not A) Friday Feathered Friend

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Technically it is not a Feathered Friend but this a lovely pic from Rosa Marie after her recent visit to Zealandia. Weta used to be much more common, when was the last time you saw a weta in your garden?