32 days ago

What's On: Voglemorn Pop-Up Hub for Seniors

Lorna from Petone

Join us for a cup of tea, light lunch and make new friends. Free social gathering for seniors. No need to register. Transport may be available if needed, call 044996645.
Voglemorn Pop-Up Hub for Seniors
  • Voglemorn Hall
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1 day ago

Waikanae Recycling and Green Waste station - proposed closing

Bob from Waikanae Beach

Our KCDC is proposing to close Waikanae's recycling and green waste station within 3 months, from 1 August 2021.
The reason is: "Most users of this recycling station also have kerbside recycling services".
This explanation is literally rubbish! As the council knows well, 56% of retired people in Kapiti exist primarily on the pension, and many of them in Waikanae do NOT have kerbside recycling services because of their cost.
The station is well used by older Waikanae people because of its proximity to their residence. They currently do not have to drive far to recycle their paper, glass and plastic waste and but will have to do if and when the station closes.
Waikanae's council benefits are few and now KCDC is wanting to close the station.
If you want the Waikanae recycling and green waste station to remain open, make sure your local councillor and the council have your views, either directly or through the LTP feedback form (the deadline for which is tomorrow, Monday, at 5pm).

15 minutes ago

What's On: AND LIFE GOES ON… Kiarostami

David from Brooklyn

In the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, a filmmaker returns to a remote Iranian village. “A lyrical exploration of both rural village life and artistic responsibility.” –NY Times. See https://filmsocietywellington.net.nz/
AND LIFE GOES ON… Kiarostami
  • Embassy Grand
21 hours ago

What's On: Quaker lecture by Anjum Rahman

Phil and Viola from Waikanae

In "Stories of Belonging" she reflects on her loneliness growing up in NZ, as well as those of Kiwis facing major challenges. She works for inclusiveness for everyone. Free. Supper.
Quaker lecture by Anjum Rahman
  • El Rancho