14 days ago

The Great New Zealand Bear Hunt

Yolanda from Waikanae

A cool thing for kids (and adults!) when out getting some fresh air. This map shows where bears are located, and you can add your own bear here as well (pop a bear in a window visible from the street).


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6 hours ago

Kapiti and Covid19

Edwina from Paraparaumu Beach

Looking at the Government database (covid 19.govt) there is only one case reported by CCDHB that is NOT linked to travel. Also we have no clusters in Wellington. There is no apparent community transmission in Porirua or Kapiti. Very heartening news.

3 hours ago

Just having a good laugh

Bert from Paraparaumu

Have a look at these people , Hahahaaha !

4 hours ago

People Breaking the lockdown ruls

Russell from Paraparaumu

Its day 14 of our great and fab lock down 1/2 through here are some of my thoughts on this mater.
We have a bunch of really dumb people out their who go and play rugby, take a bike ride, go surfing or have a hug party. Not to mention what some of our Members of Parliament are saying or doing.
They will simple extend the 4 weeks to 6 or 8 weeks or more until they can be totally absolutely sure that Convid 19 is under control and the risk community based transmission is close enough to ZERO.
I know that the vast majority of KIWIS are following the simple rules of staying in your bubble and only go out when its essential.