19 days ago

Argentinian Ants

Kimbra from Paraparaumu

We've had a major problem with Argentinian ants, they're coming in through tiny crevices between walls and floor etc and are throughout the garden. We've tried spraying (apparently they lay eggs as fast as they can when sprayed!) and laying bait with not great success and have just heard about a method the Raumati South Residents group is suggesting. It's a product called "Vanquish Pro" purchased through a website called Flybusters. It costs $70 but apparently is much more effective than any of the other options. It's a paste which can be laid out every square metre in your property and is most effective when your whole street does it. I imagine if the whole community did it, we could get on top of them. We've ordered some and are going to give it a go. Having them crawling around in my son's bed when he came to stay was the last straw!

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Get all your paint work done this Summer!

Red Star Painters

Hi Kapiti neighbours,

Red Star Painters is your local painter in your neighbourhood with over 25 years in the businesses.

Let Rick Brown and the team take care of the paintwork you need done!

All paintwork is considered:

Spraying, rolling, brushing
Interior - Exterior
Commercial - Industrial - Residential
New builds and renovations
Fences, decking, roofs etc
Colour schemes

Call Rick and the team now on 021 473 699 or email redstarpainters@gmail.com
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1 day ago

Are you a Wellingtonian?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

The debate is on about which is NZ's second largest city - Christchurch or Wellington - and it all comes down to where you consider the border to be. So, if you live in the Hutt, Porirua, Kāpiti and Wairarapa, what do you say? Are you a Wellingtonian?

5 hours ago

Heirloom Tomato Plants and Other Vegetables

Val from Otaki District

Still a few good plants left for you late starters. If you have faith in an Indian summer (compared with the Cr*p we have had so far) you will still get a crop. And a few select rare heirlooms coming up next week.
A few eggplants and peppers.
Next couple of weeks will see last plantings of beans, capsicum and zucchini for an extended season.
See you Waikanae Saturday morning and Otaki Sunday, weather permitting.
Lily seedings available this week.