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Tjae from Wainuiomata

Youth usa 13 uk 12
Bought these for my autistic son thinking it would be something he would like, He wore there like 5 minutes once and just stood there so these shoes are in excellent condition

Price: $25

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Poll: Do you support the rules to build new homes?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Tens of thousands of new homes could be possible in Wellington after a major bipartisan housing announcement from Labour and National.
A new bill supported by both major parties strips red tape from the building process in an effort to accelerate medium-density housing.
The rule change will allow people to build up to three homes of three storeys on most sites in Wellington without any need for resource consent from August 2022.
Tell us what you think and if you do not want your comments used put NFP.

Do you support the rules to build new homes?
  • 31.4% Yes
    31.4% Complete
  • 44.8% No
    44.8% Complete
  • 23.8% Not sure, need more information
    23.8% Complete
411 votes
2 hours ago

Way Back Wednesday

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

This could be a tough one. Anybody got any ideas who this is and what is going on?

9 hours ago

Wanted Boxes for Moving House

Deidre from Trentham

Hi, have you moved house recently and have some cardboard boxes that you are not using? I would be grateful for any please.