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21 hours ago

How Safe Living In Trentham?

Michael from Trentham

I live in the floor area of Trentham where it is promoted as being especially safe from earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and liquifaction.
Now we do not live on the infamous earthquake fault line but its pretty close by; tsunamis are unlikely to infiltrate so far up the valley as Trentham; the ground is solid and clayish.

But safe from flooding??

The Hutt River is a dominating feature of the Hutt Valley and its potential to rise furiously and break through the man-made tentative barriers that are meant to bind it, must create some trepidation for those who live on its level.
So is Trentham over towards the eastern hills safe from flooding? I don't think so.

1 day ago

Tūī feeding time

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

There have been a lot of bird and animal stories on Nieghbourly but this picture by Andrew Gorrie is too good to ignore.

3 days ago

Upper Hutt Stables Market - Sunday June 20th: 10am - 2pm

Donna from Trentham

The markets at Trentham Racecourse are BACK!!! Sunday June 20th: 10am - 2pm in the indoor venue Vines which is located as you drive in the front gates. Reminder the markets are pooch-friendly and there is free parking in the forecourt - see on the map located below.

This market is the largest to date. There will be 50 stallholders selling specialized and handcrafted goods as well as food trucks and live entertainment.

Should be a great day out!!