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Miriam from Naenae

Hi everyone I got a few pleco fishes ready for a new home. 5 each

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Poll: Covid19-(Novel Corona Virus) How informed and ready is New Zealand?

MIchael Neighbourly Lead from Kelson

What are the thoughts among us on this issue?

Covid19-(Novel Corona Virus) How informed and ready is New Zealand?
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What's On: Steady As You Go Exercise

Lorna from Petone

Join an Age Concern Wellington Say Go class for strength, balance, flexibility... Help prevent falls, improve your fitness, make new friends. Falls aren’t a natural part of ageing! Call 044996646
Steady As You Go Exercise
  • St Peter's
17 hours ago

Did the Basin Reserve miss an opportunity to makes the loos more equal?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

An $7.5 million dollar renovation brought the 95-year-old Museum Stand at the Basin Reserve up to modern standards - except for the women's toilets. The stand reopened on Friday, an hour before the first test against India began. During the test the only part of the interior open to the public was the new toilets. Sadly, that means less access for women. Men's toilets have two access points from the outside while women queue in the corridor, missing the on-field action. What was your experience?