446 days ago

What's On: Operatunity's Stage and Screen

Alexandra from Mount Eden

You’re invited to enjoy the live performances of your favourite musical moments from stage and screen. Enjoy a complimentary lunch afterwards. Tickets: $35 Book: https://www.operatunity.co.nz Call: 0508 266 237
Operatunity's Stage and Screen
  • Hutt City Church
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4 hours ago

Free recruitment service finds perfect match


After years of searching for a new recruit for their business, Auckland engineering firm Stainless Machinings turned to Competenz’s free job matching service to find them an ideal candidate. In the space of a few short months, school leaver Stuart Martin joined the company.

“We’d been trying to recruit a young person for a couple of years, says Stainless Machinings owner Brian Lawry. “Competenz provided us with an excellent service and took all the hard work out of finding someone."

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9 hours ago

Burgled in Broad Daylight

Michael from Trentham

Just learnt that property number 51 Buddle Road in Trentham was burgled today between 12noon and 4pm.
Apparantly everything slightly easily moveable of value was taken plus a vehicle.
So when you vacate your home for over 30 minutes it pays to lock up, roll the cameras, shut all windows, leave a hungry German Shepherd behind and set the alarm as though you were gone all day and night. Shame, but this heartless burglary serves as a warning.

5 days ago

New Zealander or Aotearoan?

Michael from Trentham

So far 35,000 people have signed a petition to have NZ change its name to Aotearoa. It might be popular in some areas of NZ but I don't think the Hutt Valley would buy into it.
The National Party (or is that really just Judith Collins and a few others) are calling for a referendum on a name change.
Let's say it happens. What would become of ANZAC Day? Would it become AAAC Day?
What would become of Australasian - would it become Austroan?
Would the letters ANZ become AA which might or might not be appropriate because AA has other meanings and not just Automobile Association.
There are those who say we should double our name to New Zealand-Aotearoa but that really takes up a page in a book and a sentence in a short speech. And would we still be called New Zealanders?
If we do shift to Aotearoa in all fairness we drop the colloquial term for a New Zealander: Kiwi (which is Maori) and replace it with an English name of Paradise Duck or just Paradiser for short. That would be terrific as most of us and the world believe we live in paradise. And those ducks are noisy and slightly bossy.
Another good thing in becoming Aotearoa, in the Olympic Games or Commonwealth Games opening ceremonies not only are we among the first to emerge into the stadium instead of waiting and waiting and waiting, but we are ahead of Australia alphabetically. Why not just take a wee small step and spell our new name Aaotearoa and we will be first at any Games -unless they do the dirty and start in reverse. Hello Zambia.