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What's On: Entrée

Tania Neighbourly Lead from Te Marua

A regular group for Entrepreneurs, or anyone creating, starting or growing a new business venture. A place to make connections, find resources, get support, discuss issues and bounce ideas.
  • Upper Hutt Central Library
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What's On: Sleep Workshop

Lorna from Petone

To mark Sleep Awareness Week, Dr Rosie Gibson and Age Concern Wellington offer a one hour presentation providing an overview of sleep, common disorders and some tips. Call 044996646
Sleep Workshop
  • Age Concern Wellington
6 hours ago

What's On: Steady As You Go Exercise

Lorna from Petone

Join an Age Concern Wellington Say Go class for strength, balance, flexibility... Help prevent falls, improve your fitness, make new friends. Falls aren’t a natural part of ageing! Call 044996646
Steady As You Go Exercise
  • St Peter's