137 days ago

Girl dog heat pants

Christel from Clouston Park - Kingsley Heights

Our girl dog (bitch) has been sterilised 2 years ago. I just found what is called a “bitches britches”. When your girl is on heat, you put a very thing panty liner in and put it on her like you put a nappy on a baby. They are really expensive. So here you can have one really cheap for 10 bucks. It is machine washable. Buyer must pick up from Upper Hutt, but I am willing to post it to you but then the prize will be $15.00 inc. postage

Price: $10

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4 hours ago

What do you think about the border rules?

Mandy Te Reporter from Dominion Post

An Australian man, who has a job lined up in New Zealand, and plans to buy a house with his Kiwi partner had his application to enter the country declined. One woman even went to Japan to get her husband after Immigration New Zealand rejected his applications. She was finally successful. What are your thoughts on this?

1 day ago

Are daffodils blooming in your neighbourhood?

Mandy Te Reporter from Dominion Post

Daffodils usually signify the changing of seasons and a symbol of new beginnings. Some people have spotted daffodils blooming a lot earlier this year. Is your garden full of them? Have you seen any in your area?

1 hour ago

Your dog might be older (in human years) than you realise

Stacey Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

Think you know how old your dog is? Think again.

Multiplying by seven isn't accurate, a new study says. Researchers at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine and other leading health institutions across the country have now debunked that common belief.

According to their findings, a one-year-old dog is similar to a 31-year-old human.

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