83 days ago

Poll: Regional council - what's the biggest election issue?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

The race is on for seats at the Greater Wellington Regional Council table, so what is the main issue you’ll be looking at when you cast your vote?
We’ll put whichever option gets the most votes to the candidates and ask what their policy is in that area.

Regional council - what's the biggest election issue?
  • 45.8% Public transport
    45.8% Complete
  • 13.4% Climate change
    13.4% Complete
  • 26% Rates
    26% Complete
  • 6.5% Wastewater and stormwater
    6.5% Complete
  • 3.5% Hutt Valley RiverLink project
    3.5% Complete
  • 0.7% Irrigation
    0.7% Complete
  • 4% Other (please comment below)
    4% Complete
1468 votes
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1 day ago

What's On: Hapai market

Lorraine from Trentham

craft, food, bric a brac etc.tables $10, All enquires to 0226517163
Hapai market
  • 879-881 Fergusson drive
23 minutes ago

Willis St and Dixon St - sewer leak

The Team from Wellington Water

We currently have stop go traffic management in place on the intersection of Willis St and Dixon St, due to a leak in a pressurised sewer. We are looking at the best way to excavate and repair this leak safely, and will keep you updated on any traffic management changes.

As a precaution we have put up signs at Wellington Harbour advising people not to swim due to possible contamination. We are carrying out testing in the Harbour and will advise of the results.

9 hours ago

Earthquake prone Hapai building closed

Matt Tso Reporter from Upper Hutt Leader

The venue of Fergusson Dive was found to meet less than 34 per cent of the new building standards.
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