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Poll: Is bilingual signage a worthwhile investment?

The team Reporter from Dominion Post

Hi neighbours - Porirua City's new bilingual signs have cost nearly $30,000 in consultant and designer's fees.

Featuring Te Reo Māori and English, the signs cost $27,360 to design, which included work by cultural advisors and bilingual experts.

Wendy Walker, Porirua City Council Chief Executive, says that "by bringing Māori language into our everyday lives, we help those less familiar with it gain confidence, as well as recognising those who already speak Te Reo."

What do you think about this? Do you think the bilingual signage is a worthwhile investment? Read more here

Is bilingual signage a worthwhile investment?
  • 43.4% I think it's a great investment - It's important to preserve Te Reo
    43.4% Complete
  • 37.1% I think it's a waste of money
    37.1% Complete
  • 12.2% I think there are more interactive ways Te Reo could be practiced
    12.2% Complete
  • 7.4% I'm neither for or against it
    7.4% Complete
897 votes
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2 hours ago

National recycling week!

The team from Upper Hutt City Council

We care about our environment, but sometimes recycling can be confusing.

Upper Hutt’s Park Street recycling station is open 24/7

How it works
There are three containers, two for plastic, cans, and cardboard, and one (split into three colours) for glass. The containers are taken to be hand-sorted at the material recovery facility.
The two cardboard, plastic and cans containers are emptied on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at around 9.00am, and Saturday around 3.00 pm. The glass container is emptied weekly.

Appropriate use
At the material recovery facility, a scoop test is taken of the recycling. If the material is too contaminated, the entire container will be landfilled.

Please do not dump your recycling!

The station is cleaned daily by Intergroup. Any material that is left outside the containers will not be recycled and Council is charged extra to clean it up. Make sure you check all of the containers—if they are all full, come back another time when they have been emptied.

Looking for ways to reduce your waste?
Check out sortwaste.nz for tips and tricks, as well as inspiration from other local Hutt Valley residents.
Find out more

1 day ago

What's On: Ride The Train for Polio

Geoff from Thorndon

It's World Polio Day on Thursday 24th October. And to mark the occasion, Rotarians from District 9940 will be riding the trains to raise funds and awareness
Ride The Train for Polio
  • All stations on the Wellington Rail network
1 day ago

What do you make of Wellington Airport's expansion plans?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

Passengers using Wellington Airport can expect to be bussed to their aircraft during a billion-dollar revamp.
The 20-year redevelopment will also involve the airport effectively flipping its international and regional terminals. The northern terminal will be used for regional flights instead of the current international flights and the main terminal will be extended to the south and redesigned to cater for international and domestic flights. The airport has also confirmed the $31 million purchase of Miramar golf course, with the land to be used for additional aircraft parking.