36 days ago

Rescue: The perfect gift for animal-lovers

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

Willowbank’s founder Michael Willis has travelled New Zealand, and the world, in his quest to save often-forgotten animals from extinction.

In Rescue, he recounts his sometimes perilous and always riveting experiences with warmth, passion and infectiously laconic humour.

Rescue will make you laugh and gasp, and think. For, as he reminds us, in an uncertain world, the saving of these animals could be the saving of us all.
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12 hours ago

Can Timaru fund all these sporting upgrades?

Doug Sail Reporter from The Timaru Herald

A bid to light up football ground Sir Basil Arthur Park is just one of an array of South Canterbury sporting projects seeking funding over the next few years.

2 days ago

Christchurch is New Zealand's second city, deal with it

Anna Williams Reporter from The Press

There's an enduring belief that Wellington is our second-largest city. We must dispel that myth, reporter Charlie Mitchell says.
Do you think Christchurch should officially be named as New Zealand's second city or should Wellington retain its title?

1 day ago

Have you been following "Megexit"?

Doug Sail Reporter from The Timaru Herald

Timaru monarchist Shirley Piddington certainly has and thinks Prince Harry and Meghan may retain their titles.
What do you think?