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When a stranger’s beagle went missing in thick bush near Wellington, 39-year-old Whanganui carver Zane Hair volunteered to spend more than a week searching in cold and stormy weather, accompanied by his beloved 14-year-old bulldog Zeke.

After nine days, Benny the beagle was found alive and Zane formed a lasting friendship with Benny’s owner, Matt Newman-Hall. “What Zane did is incredible … I find it really amazing that someone was willing to go that far for a complete stranger,” he says.

To read more about this inspiring act of kindness visit the AMI Hub.

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Heavy rain and strong wind warning

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

MetService has issued a heavy rain and strong wind warning for the headwaters of the Canterbury Lakes and Rivers and the Canterbury High Country.

RAIN: Valid: 12 hours from 3:00pm Monday to 3:00am Tuesday.
Forecast: Expect 100 to 140mm of rain to accumulate near the main divide, and 70 to 100m within 15km east of the divide. Peak rates of 15 to 25mm/h, with possible thunderstorms.

WIND: Valid: 12 hours from 6:00pm Monday to 6:00am Tuesday.
Forecast: Northwesterly gales are forecast to be severe at times, with gusts reaching 120km/h in exposed places.

An update for severe weather will be issued by 10:00am Monday 16 Sep 2019.

2 hours ago

A stronger school culture, greater resilience and more kindness.

The Team from Graeme Dingle Foundation

Those are the benefits that Paul Barker, Principal of Kaeo School is seeing in his Northland school thanks to the Kiwi Can programme.

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Poll: Do you intend to vote in the upcoming local council elections?

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

It will soon be time to have your say on who represents your community by voting in the 2019 local elections. Do you intend to vote?

Do you intend to vote in the upcoming local council elections?
  • 65.5% Yes definitely, democracy is vital
    65.5% Complete
  • 24.6% Maybe, I'm struggling to find anyone I want to vote for
    24.6% Complete
  • 9.9% No, I just can't be bothered with local councils
    9.9% Complete
443 votes