8 days ago

Poll: What part does meat play in your diet?

Jonathan Milne Reporter from Sunday Star-Times

More Kiwis are cutting back on meat; more farmers are noticing the downturn. So what part does meat play in your diet?

What part does meat play in your diet?
  • 52.1% I eat meat most days
    52.1% Complete
  • 29.2% I am reducing the amount of meat in my diet
    29.2% Complete
  • 4.6% I eat only white meat
    4.6% Complete
  • 2.9% I eat only fish
    2.9% Complete
  • 7.2% I don't eat any meat
    7.2% Complete
  • 4.1% I don't eat any animal products at all
    4.1% Complete
2722 votes
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11 hours ago

Have you registered your event?

The Team from Neighbours Day Aotearoa

Register your Neighbours Day event before March 9 and you'll go into the draw to win a $200 prezzy card to help with your event! Visit: neighboursdayaotearoa.org...

11 hours ago

'Age Concerns Everyone' Conference 2018

The Team from Age Concern New Zealand

We are excited to announce that registrations for our Annual National Age Concern Conference ‘Age Concerns Everyone’ are now OPEN! The conference will be taking place on the 16 and 17 April 2018 in Wellington.
We have a fantastic line up of speakers and topics, from discussions about older workers, retirement income, housing, LGBTIQ and Maori solutions through to social connection initiatives and innovation. For more details and to register please visit our website! www.ageconcern.org.nz...

14 hours ago

Poll: How's your summer been?

Bevan Hurley Reporter from Sunday Star-Times

From weeks on end of blistering hot days to calamitous cyclones, we've pretty much had it all this summer. The extreme temperatures in some parts are in stark contrast to other storm-battered coastal zones Tell us how summer's been in your area.

How's your summer been?
  • 38.3% This summer has been a winner.
    38.3% Complete
  • 47.8% We've had a summer of contrasts - hot and spicy, wet and stormy.
    47.8% Complete
  • 9.8% It's been a fairly typical Kiwi summer.
    9.8% Complete
  • 4.1% Summer? What summer?
    4.1% Complete
785 votes