252 days ago

Poll: What part does meat play in your diet?

Jonathan Milne Reporter from Sunday Star Times

More Kiwis are cutting back on meat; more farmers are noticing the downturn. So what part does meat play in your diet?

What part does meat play in your diet?
  • 52% I eat meat most days
    52% Complete
  • 29.2% I am reducing the amount of meat in my diet
    29.2% Complete
  • 4.5% I eat only white meat
    4.5% Complete
  • 3% I eat only fish
    3% Complete
  • 7.2% I don't eat any meat
    7.2% Complete
  • 4% I don't eat any animal products at all
    4% Complete
2794 votes
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8 days ago

Apology after water review

Anna Williams Reporter from The Press

Christchurch City Council's chief executive Karleen Edwards has apologised after a review into the chlorination of the city's water supply found a "lack of a cohesive system" in how the council managed compliance.


5 days ago

Christchurch stadium investment not on district councils' agendas

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Christchurch's neighbouring councils don't plan to help pay for a stadium in the city.

Selwyn mayor Sam Broughton told the Christchurch City Council in May that he supported the idea of rural Canterbury ratepayers contributing, but said this week that financial support from district councils was no longer necessary.


1 day ago