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Wasp Wipeout - Paper Wasps

The Team from Wasp Wipeout

Howdy all. Here at Wasp Wipeout we thought we'd give you some information on how to deal with the wasp that most populates urban gardens - the paper wasp.

Paper wasps can be easily identified by their long, drooping back legs and laid-back, slow style of flying.

Asian, Australian and European paper wasps have gradually made their homes around our houses and fences and over the past few years and while they are useful for some unwanted bugs like the great white cabbage butterfly, unfortunately they aren't picky and have been feasting on our monarch butterfly caterpillar and other useful native bugs as well.

At Wasp Wipeout we are working hard to help raise funds to wipe out the most invasive species of wasps - the vespula (common and German) variety which inhabit a lot of our bush areas and regularly invade picnics and barbecues. To help us fight this species you can donate here

If you want to find out more about paper wasps, you can read the story and watch the video here

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Your garden will thank you for this!

Southern Woods

The famous Southern Woods annual sale is now on! We’ve got great discounts on thousands of selected plants, with savings of up to 60%.

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How will this affect your wages?

The Team from ACC New Zealand

For most workers, part of your wage goes to ACC. We’re proposing you pay more because accidents and medical costs have gone up. If you’re a wage earner, these proposals could affect you.

Learn about all the proposals and have your say at our site by October 25.
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Christchurch stadium investment not on district councils' agendas

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Christchurch's neighbouring councils don't plan to help pay for a stadium in the city.

Selwyn mayor Sam Broughton told the Christchurch City Council in May that he supported the idea of rural Canterbury ratepayers contributing, but said this week that financial support from district councils was no longer necessary.