59 days ago

Proposed change to rubbish collection

Elly from Welcome Bay

Hi Everyone, while I was talking to the Council this morning on the flood zoning situation, I mentioned the proposed rubbish collection next year and the use of wheelie bins. Given Mike is disabled and I am semi-disabled and we have a very steep driveway, these bins would have been impossible for us. I received a communication this afternoon from the department in charge of rubbish collection who advise that there will be an assisted service form which will be available to fill in for those people like ourselves, to request this service. It means from my understanding the collectors will take your bins to the roadside, empty them and return them. I have asked Council to please post a message on Neighbourly when this form is available so everyone who is impacted can react.

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3 hours ago

Laptop for eldery gent

Carol from Gate Pa

Does anyone have a laptop free for a 82 year old turning 83 on Friday to play games while he is in hospital. Has been in hospital for quite awhile now and waiting for another op and will be still in hospital after that for a few weeks. Please contact Carol 0276186489.

12 hours ago

One week left to submit on proposed plan changes

Communications from Tauranga City Council

Submission on the proposed plan changes: Plan Change 26 – Housing choice, Plan Change 27 – Flooding from intense rainfall and Plan Change 30 – Earthworks are open until 5pm, Monday, 1 February. Find all information at www.tauranga.govt.nz...

3 days ago

Plan Change 27

Keegan from Papamoa Beach

Are you aware of the changes that Tauranga City Council is making to the operative city plan?

They’re very restrictive, and it doesn’t represent the needs and wants of our community.

You can view the material provided by TCC here: www.tauranga.govt.nz...

Make sure to view the mapping and see if your property is impacted.

I have prepared a submission template on my website - go to: keeganmillar.co.nz/reject-plan-change-27