46 days ago

Calling all sewers, crocheters and knitters!

Gemma from Te Awamutu

I am not sure if something has been organised for TA and surrounding areas yet but would any talented crocheters, knitters and sewers be interested in making some of these for the animals impacted by the Australian Bushfires?

Details are below. I am not crafty but I am happy to contact ARCCG and pay to send a collective package over there. We could put tags/messages of who made what on each piece.



I could also help organising supplies to make the items, like sheets, pillows, yarn etc. If there was enough interest we could organise a crafting bee not this weekend but the following. Let me know what you guys think! 🤗

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5 days ago

Property Maintenance

Clean Slate Property Maintenance

The weather has been dry and apart from the odd dandelion, the lawns just aren’t growing. But maybe the hedge needs a tidy up, you have that unfinished project from the holidays or that pile of green waste has become an eyesore!

We do hedges, green waste removal, rubbish removal, landscaping, dog kennels, chicken houses and much more.

Contact us today and we will take weight from your shoulders.

1 day ago

Lace up for summer fun

The Team from Resene ColorShop Te Awamutu

Who wouldn’t want to show up to play in flash shoes like these? Customise a fresh pair of footwear or fancy up some old favourites – while covering up scuff marks – with nothing more than a few Resene testpots, artist’s brushes and a bit of good quality masking tape.

If your kids are little, you can help mask off any of the harder parts – such as around the soles – that you want to keep paint off of and remove laces, if there are any. You can even use this idea to makeover adult shoes that never get worn because the colour doesn’t go with anything.

Make the most of this weekend with this easy step by step project idea from Resene.

Find out how to makeover your shoes

2 days ago

Please give water to the birds and wildlife in your garden each day

Sharon Neighbourly Lead from Te Awamutu

With the very dry conditions we are all experiencing in parts of New Zealand with no end to the level 4 water restrictions in our sight, it is important to remember our wildlife we have in our gardens.
Please try to have water available to our wildlife. Its to the point that they are now having real problems

For inspiration please check out

An idea to save water that may otherwise be wasted.. I know and read that many of you have been using grey water to water the garden.. and for the flushing of the toilet cistern .
When you run water for a shower there is water at the begining that isnt used as its cold. Consider collecting that water and put some aside for a container up high for birds or lower for our ground dwelling creatures