141 days ago

Petqnque at Huntly

Alan Neighbourly Lead from Huntly

First day of Petanque in Huntly. 14 people turned up to learn how to play Petanque on Friday morning! The weather was fine, the surface a little on the wet side but a great day was had by everyone. To make it easier I've now painted all the boules different colours so now you can recognise your own boules. Next Friday at 9.30 will we will be back, everyone is invited, and I'll cut the ends required for each game to 8 ends only. 13 was just a little long. Thanks all for being there - it was marvelous

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most recent job,s, before and after

Dean from McNaught Garden Services

large areas to have foliage and grass removed and disposed off, much easier to keep on top of and the fire risk is removed. Give us a call if you have an area like this that needs to be sorted.

2 days ago

Young Kiwis Ask for Social Media Safeguards

The Team from Graeme Dingle Foundation

📱 Young people recognise the dangers of social media and are asking for safeguards to be put in place to protect them – including having its safe use taught in schools as part of the curriculum.