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December Workshops at the Museum

Trish Seddon from Te Awamutu Museum

Looking for fun, festive activities? Te Awamutu Museum has it covered with a range of workshops for all ages.

The museum is hosting a range of creative workshops, run by local artist Oriwa Morgan-Ward. From learning how to play the tī rākau stick game to designing outfits for paper dolls, there’s really something for everyone.

The workshops topics and dates are:

- Learning the tī rākau stick game, Wednesday 16 December
- Hine and Tama Paper Dolls, Monday 21 December
- Learning how to make and use a poi, Tuesday 22 December
- Designing your own Māori motif badge, Wednesday 23 December

Learn more about the upcoming workshops and programmes at the Te Awamutu Museum Facebook page or by visiting www.tamuseum.org.nz...

Book your spot online or contact the museum on 07 872 0085 or museum@waipadc.govt.nz

Te Awamutu Museum will be closed from midday on Thursday 24 December, with normal hours resuming Monday 11 January 2021.

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19 hours ago

Buying by tender: Did you write a letter?

Kylie Klein Nixon Reporter from Homed

Hi folks,
My colleague Jo is writing a story about buying by tender, specifically, the new trend of writing letters to the vendor to explain why they should pick your offer over all the rest.
As the market gets harder and harder to break into, we've been hearing more and more about people trying to make a personal connection with vendors to give their tender offers the edge. We've heard folks will include personal details about their family, why the love the house and what their plans for the property are.
Jo would love to talk to anyone who's written a letter like this to accompany a tender - perhaps it's you, perhaps a relative or friend - or from vendors who've received letters like this, accompanying a tender.
Perhaps you asked for such letters?
We'd love to hear more about that experience for you and how it shaped the way the sale went.
You can reach out to jo here (she'll be joining the Neighbourly neighbourhood soon!) or via our email: homed@stuff.co.nz.
Looking forward to hearing your stories.

14 hours ago

Red Cross Street Appeal; 15-21 March 2021

The Team from Red Cross - Waikato Service Centre

The work of New Zealand Red Cross is diverse and far reaching and would not be possible without the efforts of our amazing members, staff, and supporters who volunteer.

From the 15th - 21st March we will be holding our Annual Street Appeal. Street collecting is a wonderful and fun way for your to be a part of something bigger, meet and greet people in your community and encourage them to donate to a great cause.

Can you give an hour or two of your time to help vulnerable people in your community?

To get involved please sign up at www.redcross.org.nz.... By donating your time, you're making a real difference in people's lives. We don’t know where we’ll be needed next, but we do know because of you, we’ll be there!

1 day ago

Red Cross Annual Book Fair on 5th, 6th & 7th March 2021 CANCELED

Community Activator from Red Cross - Waikato Service Centre

Please note, unfortunately, due to change in Alert level we have to cancel our event.