341 days ago

Incident in Te Aroha

Debbie from Te Aroha

Hi All,

Just a heads up, my friend was parked up in her camper van at Boyd Park on Friday evening around 11.30pm when a couple of jerks threw a stubby bottle at her back window (which shattered, luckily the window was made out of safety glass). The vehicle she identified from afar was a light coloured old chevy truck. My friend has reported this incident to the police however the inconvenience of this situation is completely uncalled for. Please keep your eyes and ears open as this possible could be the some buggers that defaced the bowling club in Te Aroha.


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7 days ago

Poll: New Zealand's name

David from Paeroa

Seems the Maori Party have launched a petition to change the name of our country.
And Winston Peters has launched a counter petition to keep our name as New Zealand.
I know what name I want, it is your choice whichever petition you choose to sign.

To be perfectly honest we do not want to waste money on a Referendum - remember the Flag debacle

New Zealand's name
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5 hours ago


Joanne from Katikati

Daylight savings starts this weekend! Don't forget to set your clocks forward by one hour when you go to bed on Saturday night. Summer is now truly on it's way!

5 hours ago

It's that time of year again whānau...

The Team from Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

Make sure to update any manual clocks (don't forget about our older neighbours who might need a helping hand) and have a wonderful spring weekend!