141 days ago

Recommendations of a good affordable counsellor please

Sue from Welcome Bay

Hi neighbours, decided it's time to get some counseling for issues I am having trouble dealing with, but really don't know who to go to. I don't really want to have to spend a fortune, I just need a bit of help to work through some emotional issues. Please only nice and kind comments and suggestions. If anyone has personally used a good counsellor etc, I would be keen to hear about them. The last time I used a counsellor, she ended our sessions when it got too hard, so I have been reluctant to try another. That was not in Tauranga though. So now I'm desperate enough to seek someone. Thank you.

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2 hours ago

Cleaner required (part time)

John from Greerton - Parkvale

Our company requires another part time clean for 1 hour per night, starting at 9pm. It would suit someone around 15th ​ave area, 3 to 4 night per week. Must be flexible.
For more information, please email us at 2menatwk@gmail.com.

19 hours ago

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Number Works

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16 days ago

Which 'summer' are you having?

The Team Reporter from Stuff

It's been a mixed summer so far for New Zealand. Much of the country has seen record breaking temperatures, drought-conditions and scrub fires. But in recent days the West Coast and Southland have experienced heavy rains, flooding, evacuations and closed roads. Our thoughts are with affected.

Our skies have been coloured by smoke blown over from the Australian bushfires, meanwhile Wellingtonians are just stoked if they get to see the sun.

How has your summer been?