26 days ago

Handyman / Builder

Anna from Gate Pa

I need a Glass Brick wall installed in my lounge.
Anyone out there who could help me please..... very much appreciated.

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Which 'summer' are you having?

The Team Reporter from Stuff

It's been a mixed summer so far for New Zealand. Much of the country has seen record breaking temperatures, drought-conditions and scrub fires. But in recent days the West Coast and Southland have experienced heavy rains, flooding, evacuations and closed roads. Our thoughts are with affected.

Our skies have been coloured by smoke blown over from the Australian bushfires, meanwhile Wellingtonians are just stoked if they get to see the sun.

How has your summer been?

3 hours ago

Are you looking for a furry friend?

Communications from Tauranga City Council

Have your kids gone off to uni leaving you with an empty nest? Do you wish you had someone to take long walks on the beach with? Or maybe you're looking for someone who will just love you for who you are? If so, maybe you should adopt a dog.

We have seven pups looking for their forever homes. Fill that void in your life with a furry friend.