57 days ago

Female tabby cat just gave birth

Jo from Pyes Pa

***Update- RRR Rescue picked up the mum and the baby's they are now being fostered.

*FOUND*Hello is this anyone's cat? She is a beautiful tabby that was pregnant and now has three kittens.
location found: The lake's, Tauranga
( I am not the original person who posted this. I saw this, I screen capture of it, now I'm sharing it)

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Tauranga Water Restrictions

Communications from Tauranga City Council

As water usage has been extreme and the forecast is hot and dry, a sprinkler ban has now been put in place for our city.

From today, the use of all sprinklers and irrigation systems is banned until further notice.

You can still water your garden, by hand, between 5 and 8AM and 7 and 10PM.

For more information and tips on conserving water visit tauranga.govt.nz/savingwater

Let’s make every drop count.

7 hours ago

Campervan rental

Elizabeth from Gate Pa

Hi does anyone have a campervan for rental that's affordable lolz. Looking at gng to coromandel for 5 days for 2 people. Give me a holler! Cheers Liz