135 days ago

Found Dog

Shinta from Welcome Bay

Found a dog in river road (minginui), the dog following our car all the way to river road end and followed us tramping for hours, he was very well behaved n well mannered, looks like he is terrier x collie x whippet, he was malnourished n infested with fleas. He is desexed and about 4-7yrs old. I rang whakatane's animal control and meet them at matahina dam. They took him to Whakatane's SPCA to get check, clean, feed and warm bed. Could anyone please help me find its owner. Thank you.

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6 hours ago

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22 hours ago

Squeaky garage door

Peter from Bellevue

Hi all, does anyone know how to fix squeaky garage electric roller doors or know anyone who can?

4 days ago

Red Cross Shops welcome everybody!

The Team from Red Cross Shop Greerton

Our Red Cross Shops welcome everybody. Customers don’t need to be vaccinated or show My Vaccine Pass to enter the shop under the Traffic Light System.
We look forward to seeing you all soon.