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My Prospa Local Business Hero nomination

Madeline from Oropi

Pyes Pa Supervalue - excellent shop, excellent service, excellent staff - what more do you need?

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David from Ohauiti

Everything Could Change For You

Offer of one on one GOSPEL presentation and discussion

In the Bible book of Acts, many times the apostles presented the evidence for Jesus being the door to eternal life and eternal joy. At each presentation, some were persuaded and some weren’t. The outlook on life for those who were persuaded was completely transformed bringing joy, purpose, meaning, strength and hope.

Let me meet with you one on one to present the same evidence the apostles shared. Perhaps you will be one who is persuaded and who finds the hope of hopes and joy of joys through faith in the King of Kings.

Contact David Kidd 02041283124

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Reverse Equity Mortgage gives you options.

SBS Bank

Make the most of your retirement with less stress, and a whole lot of fun with SBS Unwind, a Reverse Equity Mortgage loan. The idea is simple – homeowners aged over 60 stay in their house but free up some money from the property to live their life.

Use the money however you like, while the flexible loan means regular payments aren’t required and you can repay all or some of the loan at any time.

For more details visit our website, contact your local SBS branch or call 0800 727 2265.

Eligibility Criteria, Terms and Conditions, and fees apply.
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